Pastoral Care

Wesley Woods provides communities of joy, laughter and inspired living. For those blessed with the gift of years, a full life may also include grief and loneliness. To ensure residents continue to thrive spiritually, chaplains serve in each Wesley Woods community, encouraging older adults to stay connected to their faith through worship, prayer and Bible study. They visit residents in the hospital, counsel through struggle and loss and help them find purpose and hope.


Chaplain Susan Amick created a memorable Easter worship experience for residents at Wesley Woods Towers in Atlanta. Because of their unique architecture, two round towers where resident apartments open on to a large rotunda on each floor, Susan and Rev. Karen Kagiayama were able to stand in the center as residents opened their doors and stood or sat as we shared the joy of Easter through prayers, hymns and scripture. Residents joined in using the printed bulletins Susan distributed the day before. Susan even created a portable altar on a rolling service cart, complete with cross, electric candle, a Bible and Easter lilies. At the end of each service, the residents proclaimed, “Alleluia! Amen!” and waved to their pastor who waved back and moved on to the next rotunda. Susan would repeat the service 22 times. Not even the coronavirus could stop Wesley Woods residents from celebrating Easter!


Wesley Woods chaplain, Rev. Rick Nevard (pictured left), shares the story of a resident who came to his office after starting a grief support group. She confided she had been abused as a child and carried the burden of this sorrow for almost 70 years! She poured out her pain and the journey of grief she traveled to find peace and offer forgiveness. When the resident finished, she remarked, “I don’t know why I told you all of this. I guess it’s because I feel safe and know I can trust you. I am so glad you are here.”

In 2019, Wesley Woods chaplains provided:

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