Independent Living


Seniors hope for – and, indeed, expect – many things in their retirement years.  Among that long list are staying connected to other people, not being bored, feeling secure. But the thing they cherish most – and are least likely to compromise -- is their independence. To those seniors, we simply say, “You are free to live your life, your way at Wesley Woods.”


Our combination of locations throughout North Georgia offers a wide range of comfortable, inviting living options -- from apartments (of all shapes and sizes) to free-standing cottages. All with a full range of amenities available. The essential feature these spaces have in common is they are easy to make into a home -- a real home that reflects exactly who you are -- with your favorite furniture and belongings.


Another common denominator to residing in a Wesley Woods Retirement Community is you can leave your daily worries behind when you move in. No more regular home upkeep to worry about. (Goodbye leaky faucets.) No more yard work to worry about. No more large, unexpected repairs to worry about. (Goodbye leaky roofs.) No more safety issues to worry about. Instead, you can keep your mind on doing the things you like to do, exploring some new interests, making more friends. Now, doesn’t that sound peaceful (and exciting at the same time)?

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