To ensure residents continue living active and fulfilling lives, Wesley Woods provides a robust wellness program made possible by philanthropic support. The program is designed to foster independent living by focusing on increasing mobility and balance while improving strength and flexibility. Through Matter of Balance support groups and on-site wellness nurses, Wesley Woods residents, such as Martha Knight (pictured below), are improving their well-being.

Martha was living independently in her Wesley Woods of Augusta home. In one year she suffered multiple falls, which resulted in subsequent hospitalizations for each. Staff determined Martha needed personal care but realized she could not afford the additional related costs. Through generous gifts to Wesley Woods, Martha was able to move to the personal care floor of her community and keep the friends and surroundings that had become her home.

Martha also participated in the Matter of Balance class taught at her community. With the oversight of the personal care team and the lessons learned in class, Martha has gone more than a year without a single fall or hospitalization. This is the Wesley Woods difference!

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