It’s natural to hear the term “wellness” and assume the conversation is about physical health. Of course, that is true to a point. How well we feel is certainly fundamental to how well we live. However, what we like to talk about – and put into action – is “wellness” defined in a much broader way. Simply put, the Wesley Woods Wellness Program takes the whole person into account.


Our aim at Wesley Woods is to empower everyone who joins one of our communities with the individual tools they need to stay engaged in the activities they wish and enrich the areas of wellness that are most important to them. With that goal clearly in mind, the Wellness Program we have developed is robust, outcomes-based and focused on assuring continued independence.


As noted, Physical Wellness lays the foundation. That’s why we start with an assessment to establish each individual’s status and set goals. Why we offer fitness classes to improve strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and mobility/agility. (One major benefit of these classes – reducing fall rates.) Why, at locations where dining is included, we carefully plan meals with nutritional value (as well as great taste) in mind. And so much more.


Also, as noted, there is more to wellness than feeling comfortable and confident in your body. The bigger picture is sometimes referred to as “mind, body, spirit.” Our program expands on that idea by dividing each person’s wellness into seven dimensions. The first being Physical Wellness. The other six being:

Emotional Wellness – which deals with coping with daily pressures and challenges.

Spiritual Wellness – the unique journey to find hope and purpose, including church and faith.

Educational Wellness – life is simply richer when you never stop exploring and learning.

Social Wellness – what feels better than a laugh or two or many with a group of good friends?

Vocational Wellness – continuing to find meaning and satisfaction in productive work like volunteering and mentoring.

Environmental Wellness – not only thinking about the health of the earth but the quality of your own environment (safety, simply getting enough sunshine, etc.).


Our Wellness Program offers a wide range of thoughtfully developed activities and opportunities to support each of the seven dimensions of wellness. The list is a long one. To give you a snapshot, it includes, depending on location, everything from cultural outings (transportation provided) to movie nights, from book clubs to bingo, from non-denominational worship services to sporting events.