Torchbearers Society


While Wesley Woods relies heavily on current contributions, the ongoing needs of our residents can only be met with the foresight and generosity of individuals who include the Foundation of Wesley Woods in their estate plan.

The Torchbearers Society includes those who have the Foundation of Wesley Woods in their estate plan, and is vital to the future well-being of Wesley Woods residents. To learn more about leaving Wesley Woods in your will or estate plan please contact Diane Vaughan at 404-728-6286 or

Please remember Wesley Woods when you make your estate plans.


Lea (74) and Joe Andrews (77) are leaving their legacy at Wesley Woods by joining the Torchbearers Society. Having no family to whom to leave their estate, they searched for an organization that provides programming and support to enrich the lives of older adults. They chose Wesley Woods because of its mission to create communities of connection, well-being and promise by providing wellness programming, pastoral care and financial assistance for housing and meals to those who have outlived their resources. Wesley Woods is grateful to Lea and Joe and other Torchbearers who are providing future support for Wesley Woods and the older adults we serve.

HOWARD BUSBEY left his larger-than-life legacy at Wesley Woods. He served on the board of directors and entertained residents through his theatrical group, the Phoenix Players. He was also a member of the Torchbearers Society—leaving a paid-up life insurance policy to support the mission of Wesley Woods to create communities of connection, well-being and promise. 

To learn how you can make a difference in the lives of older adults by leaving your legacy at Wesley Woods, contact Diane Vaughan at 404-728-6286 or 


My husband, Smoky, and I have always appreciated the wonderful way Wesley Woods has cared for older adults. The combination of loving physical care, meeting emotional needs and providing spiritual direction makes Wesley Woods stand out among its peers in senior living.

Our respect rose to a new level when Smoky’s mom moved to Atlanta no longer wanting to live alone. Although we looked at many options for her, nothing came close to Wesley Woods. Mother Hicks loved living at Wesley Woods for twelve years and lived to be 101. We cannot repay the love and care shown to her during that time, but we have shown our appreciation by leaving a bequest to the Foundation of Wesley Woods in our wills.

Those who cannot give significant amounts during their lifetimes can be generous through their estate plans, thus paying it forward.

To learn more about leaving Wesley Woods in your will or estate plan please contact Diane Vaughan at 404-728-6286 or

Recently, in a medical setting I was asked, “What is your blood type?” I, without thinking, replied, “United Methodist.” After I saw the technician’s puzzled reaction, I was embarrassed until I realized it was the truth! As avid sports fans “bleed” a certain color for their team, I believe my blood is the color of a bona-fide United Methodist because it has been my lifeline for all the years of my faith journey. After 43 years of service to eight churches, Wesley Woods was a natural choice for my retirement. It was just as natural to include Wesley Woods in my estate plan. Leaving my legacy to the Foundation of Wesley Woods is my way of expressing gratitude to God who called me to the church and to this sacred community.

Please, join me in making Wesley Woods a part of your legacy.

- Ron Pruess, Torchbearers Society member

My relationship with Wesley Woods began more than two decades ago when I was asked to serve on the advisory board of Talmage Terrace Lanier Gardens. Having served on the Athens-Clark County Commission, I understand first-hand the vital role Wesley Woods plays in serving older adults in our community. It brings me great satisfaction to know that Wesley Woods provides safe, affordable housing to individuals regardless of race, religion or financial means, and is heartwarming to know that residents who require financial assistance to remain in their Wesley Woods homes are never identified to others. All residents have access to pastoral care and wellness programming as well, which are more.

When doing my estate planning, it was gratifying to know that through my will I could continue to impact the lives of olderadults who live at Wesley Woods. I strongly encourage others to do likewise.

- Kathy Hoard, Torchbearers Society member

"The very first philanthropic gift I ever made was to the Wesley Woods Mother’s Day offering in honor of my mother, Katherine Brannen. I felt called to contribute to Wesley Woods because, while I was a student intern and part-time employee in physical therapy at Georgia State University, I came to understand that not all older adults have a strong family or financial background. That belief, along with the message from my church pulpit from current residents who expressed the joy of not having to worry about how they would make ends meet, truly touched my heart. They shared how important the mission of Wesley Woods was in allowing them to reside in a community that felt like home and fostered their independence and health.

Over the years I have both volunteered and served professionally with Wesley Woods. Now, as a board member, I am even more proud of what charitable giving allows the organization to offer residents. I know that my contributions enable access to pastoral care and wellness services, as well as provide housing financial support and personal care for those who have limited means.

When I think about how blessed I am, I know that the inclusion of the Foundation of Wesley Woods in my estate plan will help enable this legacy and mission to continue long after I am gone.

- Beth Cayce, Torchbearers Society member