Torchbearers’ Society


The Torchbearers' Society includes those who have the Foundation of Wesley Woods in their estate plan, and is vital to the future well-being of Wesley Woods residents. To learn more about leaving Wesley Woods in your will or estate plan please contact Carson Raymond at 404-728-6204 or

Please remember Wesley Woods when you make your estate plans.


Anonymous (4)

Lea Andrews

Nancy Andrews

Terry and Todd Barcroft

Vicki and Frank Barron

Jane and Dameron Black

Dorothy Blitch

Mrs. Frances Bock

Merritt S. Bond

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman Budd

Linda and Bobby Byrd

Beth Cayce Blankenship

Julie Childs

Dr. and Mrs. John W. Darden

Lillian Budd Darden and

George “Buddy” Darden

Charlotte Dodson

Jean and Jerry Eickhoff

Rev. Martha H. Forrest

and Mr. Robert O. Forrest

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Fowler

Smoky and Zoe Hicks

Kathy Hoard

Mr. Harry Howard

Rev. Dr. Elisabeth Lunz

Ann and Bob McMahan

Dr. Kathleen Minnix and

Dr. W. Larry Minnix

Traci Montgomery

Linda Nalley

Kathleen and Harold Newton

Dr. Manning Pattillo

Rev. Ron Preuss

Edie and Glen Reed

Sarah Sloan

Rev. and Mrs. Woody Spackman

Sally Camp Swann

Diane Vaughan

Rev. Donn Ann Weber

and Mr. Kenneth Weber

Bill Witcher, Jr.

Rosemary Wooden