Pastoral Care


Someone who will listen, understand, care, comfort and advise during times of questioning and stress. Someone who will encourage, motivate and celebrate the good things and happy times in life. Someone who can be a spiritual partner and leader.  Admittedly, that’s a lot to ask of one person. But those are the very benefits our on-site pastors provide to all Wesley Woods residents. They are trained, they are experienced, they put their hearts into being there for (and with) you, always.

Pastoral Care Always there


You may wonder why staffing each community with its own pastor is a big deal – and point of pride – for us. Good question. Easy answer. Wesley Woods was created back in 1953 by the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church. It was a pioneering event in senior living. While we, of course, warmly welcome people of all faiths and beliefs, our close association with the United Methodist Church continues to this day. As does our commitment to the vision of “a world in which older adults are celebrated for the lives they have lived, the wisdom they share and everything they have yet to teach us.” To put it another way, our Pastoral Care Program is a natural outgrowth of our DNA.

pastoral care comes naturally


Supporting each resident in his or her individual spiritual and life needs is the foundation of the program. It could be as lighthearted as planning fellowship events that encourage vitality and joy or as serious as turning sadness into hope. It could be as meaningful as providing worship, Bible study and counseling. The point is, our pastors connect at every level with every resident and make a difference in every way.

Pastoral care


“I’m a 91-year-old widower who lived alone for ten years before moving to Wesley Woods. Having a full-time Chaplain available helps ease the pain of loss we sometimes experience during our journey through life.”  Joe Giordano

“I don’t know what my neighbors and I would do if we didn’t have a way to practice our faith here at Wesley Woods. I see people in all the various services we have and they’re almost always full. I know that’s a very important part of living at Wesley Woods for all of us.”  Carolyn Webb

“I’ve grown so much spiritually since moving to Wesley Woods. I take what I learn in my prayer group and bring it back to people living on the streets.”   William Boone