Dining Experience


Perhaps the only thing more satisfying than sitting down to a delicious and nutritious meal is sharing the experience with friends. In addition to a complimentary continental breakfast, our residents, using their flexible meal plans, love to gather for lunch and/or dinner in either the Wedgewood Dining Room or the Wedgewood Bistro.


Meals are served restaurant-style at Wesley Woods of Newnan. In the Wedgewood Dining Room that means elegant décor, white table clothes, waiters and waitresses, and ordering from a menu. If you prefer a more casual setting, but the same great service, there is The Wedgewood Bistro.


Sure, there are some basics that everyone likes – soups, salads and sandwiches. And you’ll always find those on our menus. However, the more important thing you’ll discover is that the main selections change every day. For instance, you might find baked lasagna and shrimp etouffee among the specials one day, and grilled salmon patties, roast pork loin, baked cod, beef pot roast or chicken and dressing on other days. Hungry yet?

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Our Culinary Director is quite talented and happy to hear resident feedback. A Culinary Committee meets once a month to share suggestions. It’s a team effort that results in popular, mouthwatering meals.


dining experience
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