Traditional NE Georgia BBQ Chicken and Mop Sauce

Traditional NE Georgia BBQ Chicken and Mop Sauce

Cooking chicken in northeast Georgia is a tradition. The recipe done over charcoal or in a smoker is still the best and almost foolproof. (This recipe has been adapted for a family or small party. The sauce can be multiplied based on the quantity of chicken. Just keep equal portions of ingredients.)


6 medium-sized chicken halves salted both sides with Kosher salt
2 oz canola oil
2 oz 1pple cider vinegar
2 oz Worchestershire sauce
2 oz lemon juice concentrate
2 oz hot sauce
Coarse-ground cracked black pepper


Prepare sauce by combining all liquids. Heat to boil then remove.

Place chicken halves cavity-side down on smoker rack. Sprinkle pepper on top. Cook three hours at 250-275 degrees. After one hour begin mopping or spraying sauce liberally at 20 minute intervals. Test by eyeball method of easily twisting leg quarter and/or affirming 165 degree internal temperature. Serve immediately or place in lined cooler, coat with balance of sauce, close cooler and allow additional time (15-30 minutes) for steaming. Enjoy!

Source: Gary Black, Commerce, Ga.; Georgia Grown