Thinking of Downsizing?

Thinking of Downsizing?

Are you considering simplifying your lifestyle by moving into a smaller home? The decision to downsize can be liberating! But transitioning to a new smaller-scale lifestyle does require advance planning and decision-making.

This was the topic covered recently by Shelley Harsin, owner of Red Door Interiors, in a seminar sponsored by Wesley Woods of Newnan. “Downsizing — Décor and Design” was offered to the public as part of Wesley Woods Academy, an initiative that focuses on providing fun and fulfilling learning opportunities.

In her presentation, Shelley addressed a variety of issues to consider when moving to a smaller home, and offered advice and coping strategies.

“The emotional aspect of selecting furniture and family heirlooms can be overwhelming,” she says. “But with a clear plan — and most of all, a sense of humor — the transition can be a very manageable task.”

Here are Shelley’s tips for making the transition from the family home to your new home an easier process:

  • It’s time to pass it along. The number one reason people have a hard time downsizing is guilt — they feel they must continue to be the keepers of family heirlooms. Consider giving these things to family members or a favorite charity, or making a photo of an item rather than keeping it.
  • It’s time to pitch. Begin with the room that is the least used and get rid of obvious garbage (old newspapers, bags, empty boxes, chipped mugs, etc.). Then move on to the next room.
  • It’s time to purge. Be ruthless when sorting your belongings, from furniture to clothes. Save items that are both functional and familiar. If you haven’t used it in years or realized it was in your home, it should go.
  • It’s time to plan. Surround yourself with things you love and treasure. Take only enough furniture to fit your new space, not overwhelm it. Take items that make your new place feel like home, such as favorite paintings, framed photographs of grandchildren and treasured souvenirs.

Shelley Harsin, Owner, Red Door Interiors