All meals are served restaurant-style in the beautiful Marian G. Talmage Dining Room.  It’s a place where you’ll love to join your friends (and family) and appreciate the attentive service, the relaxed atmosphere, and, of course, the nutritious and delicious selection of dishes.


One quick glance at a typical daily menu in our dining room is almost certain to be met with a “what a pleasant surprise” response. There are so many choices. And they all sound wonderful (which they are).

If you’re in the mood for breakfast food (served during lunch and dinner hours), choose an omelet to order or Belgian waffles among several options.

For lunch or dinner, you can go the Grill and Deli route with, say, a pulled pork sandwich or burger.

On the other hand, you might be up for an entrée like the fish of the day or chicken pot pie or pasta bowl or a specialty salad. It’s all up to you. Enjoy.

chicken pot pie