Happy Residents


People love it here! How do we know for sure? Because they tell us. All the time. And we don’t even have to ask.


 "Living at Asbury Harris Epworth Towers, I am encouraged to eat right, exercise and take care of myself emotionally. I love it here!"

 "My sister lives in a senior community but she doesn't receive any assistance or information and I worry about her. I am so blessed to be here at Asbury Harris Epworth Towers, where I receive a lot of information and help."

"I have a Service Coordinator, a Nurse, a Chaplain, activities and I'm greeted by a smiling face every day!"

"After moving from Phoenix, I fell in love with the place. I really like the people. There's laughter everywhere. We've really got a good thing going here. Really."

"It's a nice place to live, and everyone is very friendly. Folks help each other out here. I like the convenience and security that The Towers gives me, too."


 "It's great to live somewhere where I'm understood and loved!"