The First Year Experience

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Wesley Woods First Year Experience Key Milestones

Before they start!

  • Mark your calendar in outlook to keep important milestones front and center.
  • Connect by phone before the first day of work.
  • Make sure the new employee’s work area is set up with equipment and supplies to ensure a great start!
  • Send a new employee announcement email to teammates and/or welcome email from key teammates.

First week!

  • Meet and greet: Welcome session with new teammates.
  • Orient to workplace, department, and team.
  • Assign a buddy to tour key areas and answer questions.
  • Schedule meetings with new employees to connect and establish rapport.

First Month – 90 days!

  • Regular check-ins with new employees to keep employees engaged.
  • Check for mutual understanding of role and responsibilities.
  • Resolve issues and provide additional information, training, and resources.
  • Celebrate 90-day anniversary.

180 days!

  • Assess the new employee’s satisfaction in his/her new role.
  • Provide feedback on performance and ask for feedback on the new employee’s experience thus far.

1 year!

  • Celebrate first-year anniversary.
  • Ask employee to reflect on the past year and give feedback.
  • Ask employee how you can support him/her going forward.