Wesley Woods’ largest facility, St. John Towers, located in Augusta, was constructed in 1974, and it currently serves residents in 249 independent living apartments and 17 personal care (or assisted living) apartments.  St. John Towers has many of the same needs as the other three HUD retirement communities, and as with the projects listed above, this building will become much more energy-efficient and cost-effective as a result.  In addition, the facility will benefit from the addition of a third elevator; its existing two elevators do not have the capacity to adequately serve the many older adults in this community using walkers, wheelchairs and scooters.


The first stop for everyone entering St. John Towers is the welcome desk.  Resident volunteer George McCoy welcomes everyone with a salute and a crisp “top of the morning, sir/madam.”  When asked how he’s doing, “OUTSTANDING!” is always the answer.   Mr. McCoy has a positive attitude all the time.  He served our country in the U.S. Army for 22 years, and during that time fought in both the Korean War and Vietnam.   After his military service Mr. George worked for The Augusta Chronicle with 18 years of service in the production department.  Mr. George loves living at St. John Towers where he has many friends, a comfortable apartment, and plenty to do.  He doesn’t get around with quite the energy he once had, but at 80 years of age, he goes and goes.  Everyone knows its Mr. George when he drives his minivan into the parking lot, which like his walker, has streamers and bumper stickers and all sorts of bling.  Each year he celebrates his birthday, and the birthdays of his children, by parachuting from an altitude of 15,000 feet.  He’s a lively fellow with a great attitude that he shares with his community.




Wesley Woods - 1817 Clifton Road NE - Atlanta, GA 30329


Wesley Woods is affiliated with the North Georgia Conference of the United Methodist Church and Emory Healthcare.